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Arifa akter
Apr 02, 2022
In General Discussions
You may be wondering what madness is this that society is experiencing when a character that doesn't even exist can be so Telephone Number List influential in people's lives. But the truth is that those characters exist in people's lives ... The human being is capable of relating, feeling empathy and even treating robots as if they were people. We interact Telephone Number List with the world from our body and our behaviors, therefore, we are able to interact socially with unreal things. In the case of AI influencers, we are talking about robots that are actually very human-like. In some cases, they may not even look alike, but they Telephone Number List are able to express themselves like us. They have their own identity. And as human beings that we are, they are capable of awakening our identification and empathy. Similarly, they can Telephone Number List also disappoint us and hurt us emotionally. So it may be that they do not exist physically, but they have a meaning in the lives of those who follow and admire the Telephone Number List. It is even necessary to understand the power of AI influencers in the context of the digital age in which we live. This idea becomes more understandable when we start talking about the Telephone Number List metaverse, that is, an immersive digital future, in which we are going to live a large part of our lives in virtual realities. The rise of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is also in this context where digital life becomes more important than physical life. Artworks and Telephone Number List collectibles, which only exist virtually, sell for thousands or millions of dollars, in currencies that are also virtual. So if life becomes (or is already becoming) essentially digital, it's easier to Telephone Number List understand why people are naturally relating to these virtual characters. It is also understandable that brands look closely at these influencers, since they have the power to Telephone Number List relate and communicate with people in this new universe.
Arifa akter
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